SOMA Aquatics offers year round aquatics activities including water polo, private swim lessons, and small group swim lessons. We are a USA Water Polo recognized club offering year round water polo programs and optional opportunities for tournament and scrimmage play. We have a Junior Water polo Program (New players ages 8-11), Club Water Polo (typically ages 10-13) and High School Club Level Water Polo (14-18). We also have Adult Water Polo for Beginners, and Intermediate Players. We offer great year round programs and opportunities for introduction to swimming and the sport of water polo.

We offer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and other Water Polo Programs and Camps throughout the year. Click on the USA Water Polo Tab for information on Age Group Water Polo Program. The Masters Tab above will give Adult Water Polo Scrimmage information. All Players must have a USA Water Polo Membership to participate. If you are new to the sport and have new participated in USA Water Polo come on by for a free trial. You will need to print out a waiver and trial membership waiver to take advantage of this offer.

SOMA Aquatics was founded not only to fill a much needed gap for more easily accessible water polo programs, but to additionally offer swimmers a way to stay involved with the sport if just swimming begins to lose its 'fun factor'. We encourage all of our players to join and participate in local swim programs as well as incorporating water polo in aim at excelling more in both sports simply because it makes it more fun and enjoyable.