SOMA Aquatics offers year round aquatics activities including Swim School Toddler and infant group and private lessons, club water polo and Splashball Water Polo. We are a USA Water Polo recognized club and USA Swimming recognized offering year round programs and optional opportunities for meets, tournaments and scrimmage play.  We offer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and other Water Polo Programs and Camps throughout the year.

SOMA Aquatics was founded not only to fill a much needed gap for more easily accessible water polo programs, but to additionally offer swimmers a way to stay involved with the sport if just swimming begins to lose its 'fun factor'. We encourage all of our players to join and participate in local swim programs as well as incorporating water polo in aim at excelling more in both sports simply because it makes it more fun and enjoyable.



The Soma Swimming and swim team is a great concept in the sport of swimming that we are thrilled to be sharing with you. We offer a non-competitive lesson programs and a swim team with optional competitive opportunities and a large array of team events throughout the year.  We focus on creating a supportive environment in which kids can explore this wonderful lifetime sport and learn to set and achieve personal goals. We offer optional USA Swimming competitive opportunities for interested swimmers. Practices are held in Marin County.

Our Philosophy starts simple, proper teacher to student ratios. 
Technique and proper form combined with age based endurance exercises and core strength training are the basis for making a good strong swimmer.   All groups will focus on the technical side of swimming properly and effectively.  Practices are held year-round.