SOMA Summer Swim & Water Polo is a fun and energetic swim camp for youth water safe ages 7 and older. SOMA Swim and Water Polo instructors have the teaching skills to bring out the best in our young campers through fun games and drills that teach the fundamentals of water polo and address key fundamentals to proper swimming technique as it applies to water polo.

Students learn basic skills and understanding of swimming and water polo through various games and drills. The class provides an easy-to-learn aquatic experience that motivates kids to swim and stay fit. They learn essential water safety skills and build athletic endurance and muscle tone. Give your child a first-hand experience of one of the most popular Summer Olympic events. This might be a sport for which your child has a special talent or passion. And, it is a great way to encourage your child for a lifetime of health and fitness.

- Our groups are divided based on age and skill level
- We introduce healthy strength training which varies based on age group
- Early Drop off available if requested in advance, additional fees apply
NOTE: For current or entering High School Students we have a separate skills camp for Pre-Season High School training every year in August. More information under USA Water Polo or click the sign up button on our homepage and search for our Pre-Season High School Training.



IMPORTANT: You must be 100% water safe to participate.


Preparation Time:

What to bring? Please remember to bring and label a light snack daily (No snacks allowed with nuts), Water Bottle, Towel, Extra Socks, Warm Clothes.

IMPORTANT: Emergency Medication such as inhalers should be placed in a labeled zip lock bag to keep accessible and by the pool with names clearly visible on bags.