SOMA Aquatics Foundation’s goal is to provide basic swimming instruction to every member of the community that cannot afford it or does not have access.  We aim to ensure that everyone has access to aquatics facilities and to adequate coaching and educational materials.  Early swim instruction is essential to developing athletes who may someday participate on a competitive level. SOMA therefore seeks to facilitate aquatic sports across the spectrum, encouraging participation at all skill levels and assisting to foster and grow new and creative programming.

Participants who successfully complete the programs water safety requirements are invited and encouraged to participate competitively if interested. SOMA works to create scholarship opportunities for youth to continue participation in aquatics sports such as swimming and water polo.

In collaboration with great local organizations and local volunteers SOMA has been able to offer over hundreds of youth from Marin City and the Canal community of San Rafael the opportunity to learn to swim and also have introductions to water polo and diving.  Graduates from the program have gone on to participate locally with the Marin Swim League through partnerships with local teams such as the Strawberry Seals (Mill Valley) and Swimarin Sharks (San Rafael).

Special thanks to our collaborators, sponsors and volunteers who make these programs possible.





 AHS Foundation, J & M Engman, Kustel Family, C & R Engman,