Proceeds benefit the Soma Aquatics Foundation Free Outreach Swim Program


Year-round ADULT Masters Water Polo Scrimmage Sundays | BEGIN WITH OUR WAIVER AND REGISTERING FREE |  CLICK HERE


Weekends 3:00-4:45

Nothing but scrimmage, and some warm ups.... Enjoy it......


Sunday Drop in—RATES:

Annual Sunday Pass:  $300 valid Jan-Dec*
General Drop in:  $15
Lap Swimming:  $10
Student Drop in Rate: $7
SOMA Coach Drop in Rate: $5
SOMA Free Swim Instructor:  FREE

*Some Holidays w do not have practice
**Water Polo Players Must have current USA Water Polo Registration and USA Polo ID if not registered with SOMA Aquatics **



Learn about the Foundation that makes our Sundays possible:
Imagine how different your life would be if you didn't know how to swim.  SOMA Masters Water Polo is a non-profit organization.  We do wonderful things in our local communities and want to make sure our Masters players are aware and ideally doing their part to support the Foundations efforts to keep Masters practices around and available to all of us.  SOMA Aquatics Foundation provides FREE learn to swim programming and   introduction to water polo for youth from Marin City and the Canal as its primary function.
On a broader level, SOMA Aquatics Foundation’s goal is to provide basic swimming instruction to every member of the community that cannot afford it.  We have worked with the city of Richmond as well creating sustainable curriculum at no cost to the city for a FREE swim programming.  We also have other local initiatives with a primary focus on youth water safety, community outreach, and adult opportunities for healthy living with our Masters Water Polo.


General Information:

USAWP supports and promotes competition and events among its members domestically and internationally. Membership in Masters Water Polo is available to anyone age 20 and older. Each year dozens of tournaments are held throughout the US highlighted by the USA Water Polo Masters National Championships each June. Champions are crowned in 20+, 30+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, and 60+ age categories for men. Women contest in the 20+, 30+, 40+, and 50+ age groups.

The goals and objectives of Masters Water Polo are:
· To encourage and promote improved physical fitness and health in adults.
· To offer adults the opportunity to participate in lifelong fitness & competitive water polo.
· To encourage organizations and communities to establish and sponsor Masters water polo.
· To enhance fellowship & camaraderie among Masters water polo players.
· To promote good sportsmanship.
· To provide leadership and resources for the promotion and growth of Masters Water Polo.
· To achieve competitive excellence at all levels, in athlete performance & the conduct of events.
· To develop broad-based participation.

We offer Men’s and Women’s USA Masters

  • 20+ years of age requirement. No Age limit.
  • No knowledge of water polo needed.
  • All members required to join USA Water Polo as a Master (Silver) Athlete. Follow information at bottom of this page.
  • ½ court and full court scrimmaging and practicing fundamentals
  • Many of our Masters Athletes will act as coaches too. We will run Sessions at the same time as our Club Polo team.
  • Those interested please send us an email and get on the Masters Email List or sign up.
  • Competitions will take place and are optional. We will host local competitions once we have enough players.